Friday, February 12, 2010

26...And Still Celebrating With Hearts...

I have the wonderful 'privilege' of being born exactly one week before Valentine's Day. Now, to most of you that doesn't sound too awful, right? One could understand someones annoyance in being born ON Valentine's Day...or on Christmas...or even anywhere near Christmas. But, a week before Valentine's Day...that doesn't seem like such a big deal.

Wrong. You see...around Valentine's Day, the stores are filled with an over-abundance of heart decor. And when I was a little girl, my mom could never resist these adorable heart-themed decorations. Ever. So, while many little girls usually get to experience their Disney-themed birthday parties with their favorite character, I enjoyed a heart-themed party. Every single year.

Here is a preview of my first twelve birthdays.

(1st birthday - The Classic Heart Cake - to be displayed in the next 10 pictures)

(2nd birthday - Heart cake, heart cups, downcast child)

(3rd birthday - Heart cake, heart cups, heart plates, heart table cloth, heart dress)

(4th birthday - hearts all around...those are also heart balloons hanging at the top)

(5th birthday)

(6th birthday - hearts - and my dress also has a big heart on the front)

(7th birthday - hearts and bowling)

(8th birthday)

(10th birthday - I don't have any pics from my 9th birthday)

(11th birthday - we are making Valentines)

(12th birthday - I think this is the last year of the heart cake...but not the hearts)

I got a break from the hearts throughout most of middle school, high school, and college. But, take a look at my post-college birthdays...

(23rd birthday - Kate a few weeks old in hearts to celebrate my birthday)

(24th birthday - and now my friends are in on it, too)

(25th birthday - the regular heart bag. Claire was also dressed in hearts this day)

To my defeat, it's still going on today. On Sunday, I turned 26. I was hoping the Super Bowl might distract from the hearts. Maybe a football themed birthday instead? Wrong. Alas, a football themed birthday party wasn't going to cut it for my family. My sister Mel loves to rub in my face my aversion for hearts by dressing my nieces in hearts around (and on) my birthday, so they showed up wearing heart shirts (as always). I also received a birthday card from my niece Kate with a big heart outlined on the front for her to color. And of course, we can't have a birthday without the classic heart paper plates and napkins. I was also fortunate enough to receive a heart balloon from my friend Jenn. Here are some pics from my 26th birthday.

(Kate and I opening my presents - note the heart outfit; Claire had the exact same one)

(Heart cookies made during my birthday party - lying on the same heart plates we ate cake on)

(I have had victory over the heart cake, though - yummy mud pie ice cream cake instead!)

While I whine and complain about all the hearts, I am totally thankful for my mom and the many birthday parties she gave me - and for my family and friends who constantly remind me of this by allowing (forcing?) me to continue to celebrate my birthday with hearts.