Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Olivia {5 Months Old}

I love seeing this little peanut growing and changing.
Every day she is becoming more engaged with the world around her.
Livvie Lou loves seeing all that is going on; in fact, she can't miss a thing.
She does not like being held inward because then she doesn't know what's going on. 
Jack continues to be one of her favorites, and he makes her laugh all the time.
Laughing and smiling are just her of engaging, and she does them both all the time with little effort required.
She has become a rolling master and rolls all over the floor.
Won't stay in one place for long.

Right at 5 months she also began sitting on her own. She loves it and wants to sit all the time.
I think it's because she can see things better than from a laying position on the floor.
We've also started to hit a huge sleep milestone.
Just a few days before turning 5 months, Livvie slept 7+ hours straight for 3 days in a row!
We put her down around 6:30-7, and she went until around 3am!
I think the trick is that we've just let her fuss herself to sleep instead of laying her down asleep.
I was surprised by how quickly she falls asleep - the first night was only about 10 minutes of crying. She still cries most times when we lay her down, but it's only a few minutes and then she's out.
We have also had a huge victory with the 45 minute intruder! It really doesn't visit anymore, and even if it does, Livvie usually just falls right back asleep.
Very thankfully that she has learned to self-soothe, and I wander if I coddled her too long.
Naps are also improving. She's still on 3 naps/day, but usually has one long one a day (around 2 hours). The other two are sometimes short though, 45min-1 hr.

She's still eating well, about every 3 hours and because she's sleeping at night instead of nursing, she's taking the bottle much better while I'm at work!

Oh, and the car - she doesn't scream anymore. 
Only sometimes.
But that is better than all the time.

So it's been a huge month for baby girl!!
She loves her hands and feet - they are her go to for chewing.
But really anything will do as long as it fits in her mouth - tags, wipe packages, blankets, corners of containers - you name it.
Other favorites include bath time and being outside.

Love this little peanut and excited for the next month!