Monday, April 18, 2011

Wedding Workings = Blogging Break

...but now I'm Rebecca Baker!

So, I haven't blogged since the first of the year. Oops! Things really didn't get all too busy with wedding planning until mid-March or so, but I just never made it to the computer to blog before the wedding.

I figured I would use this blog entry as a quick snapshot of all the pre-wedding festivities I was busy with since I never blogged about any of them.

First is my bridal shower. My sisters and mom threw me a bridal shower with all of the relatives and family friends on February 5th. It was a gorgeous day! My sister Mel hosted it at her house and did an AWESOME job with all the decorations - that's definitely her niche! Here a few pics of the decorations.

I thought the shower might be a little overwhelming since it was going to be a mix of my family, Jason's family, our family friends, and two of my personal friends, but it all worked out great! And, we got lots of great stuff for our place!

'The Future Mrs. Baker'


Mom and her daughters

With some of my future family...

(For the complete blog of my bridal shower, visit my sister's blog: Something Blue...)

Next was my bachelorette party. I didn't want a big production for my bachelorette, but just a fun day with my closest friends. I decided to do a day of wine tasting in Napa, and then come back for dinner and presents at my sister's house. It was a beautiful day in Napa, especially with all of the spring colors. Here a some pictures from our day wine tasting.

Of course the day wouldn't be complete without some hearts...

The wine tasting group


Friends since elementary school

Future cousin-in-law and sister-in-law

Lunch at Dean and Duluca

Again, Mel did an amazing job hosting the shower back at her house, and we had some yummy appetizers. I was definitely a little red in the face opening up these presents, but it was so fun to spend the day celebrating with my friends and sisters.

(For more details, visit my sister's blog: Wine Tasting in Napa and Around the Clock Bridal Shower)

Then came wedding week! Ah, everyone says this week is crazy stressful. I have to say that I really was not that overwhelmed with a list of things to do. We had a few things lefts, such as tying ribbon on the programs and the menus, making the place cards, and finalizing some of the logistics. The one thing that stressed me out the most was the freaking weather forecast that couldn't make up its mind about sun or showers! Ah, so annoying. My sister and I were obsessed with checking the weather and kept refreshing it all day on our computers. We kept joking that God was playing tricks on us because Saturday was the ONLY day all week where the weather kept changing, and it was the ONLY day that had a potential of rain out of the entire 10 day forecast. Haha. I did have one melt down on Thursday night (sorry Jason) - mostly because I was just tired and done with all the planning.

Here we are tying lots and lots of bows :)

Finally...April 2nd came!! It was everything I had dreamed it would be. Such a great day!! (And the weather was absolutely perfect - sunny and 70!) I had so much fun! I will do a whole separate post once I get all of my professional pics...but here is a sneak peak :)

More to come soon...but for now, I am loving married life!