Friday, August 15, 2014

Olivia {3 Months Old}

Baby girl!
3 months old!
Love it and so excited for the next few months.
I remember loving months 3, 4, and 5 with Jack.
So much personality and no movement :)
  As I thought, Livvie is getting much easier. 
She is content to chill in the swing, bouncer, or her play mat for quite some time. It's nice to be able to set her down for a chunk of time and do something more than pee without having her scream.
But...she still screams every time we put her in the car?
It's like she knows as soon as we put her in her seat that she's going in the car because she starts to get mad. Then she's fine while I carry her to the car and set her down and get Jack buckled in.
But, as soon as I put the seat in the base, it's a matter of minutes before the screaming begins. And it doesn't stop.
I thought we were on the upswing for awhile there around the 2 month mark because she was starting to go some car trips without screaming.
We're back with the regular screaming now. When we went to Tahoe last week, I pretty much sat in the backseat the whole time, squished between the two carseats, so I could keep her calm. The paci seems to help.
Speaking of the paci, baby girl still loves it! Works magic with her.
Especially when trying to get her to fall asleep.
She fights sleep like none other (so different from Jack who fell asleep so easily).
This girl just doesn't seem to want to miss a thing. She will start getting fussy, so I will work on getting her to sleep, and she just gets angrier and angrier. When I finally give up and let her look around - happy as can be.
Rarely does she fall asleep without a fussy fit. Alas.
Livvie has discovered her hands and loves them!
She is always chomping on them.
She has also started grabbing onto toys while on her floor mat.
Oh, and the TV. Obsessed. She could stare at it all day if we let her.
And, we hit another milestone! 
Livvie rolled over from stomach to back for the first time on July 29th, a little before 11 weeks (right at 2.5 months). 
I was definitely surprised to see her do that, and thought it might have been a random accident.
But, she continues to roll almost every time she is placed on her stomach.
Cannot wait for her to roll back to stomach so I can let her sleep on her stomach because I think she will sleep so much better that way.
So rough.
She is still sleeping awful at night.
Every once in a while I get maybe 4-5 hours, but I feel like we are mostly on the 2-3 hour stretch stint.
To be honest, the nights are such a blur that I hardly remember them come morning...
I moved her into her own room and crib a few nights ago, hoping that she might sleep better there (because Jack started sleeping through the night once I moved him to his room - but I think that's because he also learned to roll to his stomach at that time).
But, her own room has not seemed to make a difference...wah.
She's still a super smiley baby - her face just explodes. 
I love just looking over at her, without saying anything, and she is just beaming.
Such a sweet addition to our family.

Jack loves her most of the time, and she is really starting to notice him.
He definitely makes her smile when he 'talks' to her or tries to play with her.
So cute to see them begin to interact. 

Livvie had her 3 month appointment to get her shots today (we are on an irregular shot timeline because we started them earlier than normal - 7 weeks instead of 2 months- because of the whooping cough outbreak going around here).
So...All About Livvie at 3 Months:

Weight: 11 lb, 15 oz (30th percentile)
Height: 23.5 in (40th percentile)
Head: 15.5 in (20th percentile)
Clothing Size: 0-3 Month/3 Month
Diaper Size: 1 or 2 - both fit
Eating: Every 2-3 hours
Napping: 3-4 'cat naps'/day (30-40 min) and usually one long one (1-2 hours)
Likes: Paci, bouncer, floor mat, hands, rolling, bath
Dislikes: The car, sleeping?
Firsts: Rolled at 11 weeks

Love you, sweet girl!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lake Tahoe {2014}

Every summer for the past eight years, my family has been going up to Tahoe together. For about five years, we stayed at an awesome house in South Lake Tahoe that my dad's boss owned. They started renting it out full time though, so the past two summers we stayed at my sister and brother-in-laws cabin in Tahoe Donner. Last year was a little crazy with six adults and four kids (two which were under one) and only 3 bedrooms. So this year we decided we needed to do separate trips.

Jason and I usually do Tahoe plus an additional trip during the summer, but with a 2 month baby and 22 month toddler, this was all we were willing to take on. Even though we were only going up to Tahoe for a couple of days, Jason still took the whole week off as part of his paid family leave.

We started the weekend off by going to Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.
On Monday we went to Capitola Beach.
  These two - all week. Love.
And I love this fun, colorful hotel that lines the beachfront.

On Wednesday we headed up to Tahoe. 
Traveling with two babies in no joke. 
So much stuff. 
Two pack-n-plays.
Two strollers (one double and one umbrella)
A bouncer.
A pump.
Lots of beach toys (plus, chairs, tent, umbrella)
And all the normal stuff you would bring on vacation.

We stayed in Squaw at Squaw Valley Lodge and it was great. 
We knew we needed a separate bedroom for Jack since he goes to bed so early and we also didn't want him waking in the middle of the night when Livvie woke.
We got a one-bedroom, which included a full kitchen and living room - about 700 sq. feet. It was perfect. Nothing fancy, but definitely nice, and a pretty good deal.
Plus, the location is so central to everything - 10 miles from Truckee/Tahoe Donner, 6 miles to Tahoe City, and about 15 miles to Kings Beach.

The Truckee River was just two miles from our place, and since we couldn't check in until 4, we walked the kids in the stroller along the river when we got into town.
So pretty. 

On Thursday we went to Tahoe Commons Beach. 
Crazy how little water there is in the Lake.
 While the kids napped, I enjoyed some alone time at the pool.
Jason brought the kids down after they woke so Jack could do some swimming.
He kept giving him and Jack matching mohawks.
That night we went to Tahoe City and walked along the lake.
A thunderstorm was about to start rolling in.

On Friday, we drove to King's Beach.
Jack had so much fun playing in the lake here since it was a little deeper.
He kept bending over and dunking his head in the water. So cute. 
Baby girl having a blast. Ha.
And a much needed family picture!
We left around noon and drove to Jason's grandparents, where we spent the rest of the weekend. They live about halfway between us and Tahoe, so we thought it would be a good way to break up the drive home (especially since baby girl screams whenever in the car). Plus, we wanted some of Jason's extended family to meet Olivia.

All in all, it was a great little family vacation. Traveling with 2 under 2 is definitely not easy, but so worth it. We had to come back in the middle of the day for nap time, order dinner in each night, and you still have to deal with a crying baby and tired toddler. But, I so needed to get out of town and have a change of scenery, and I'm glad we did it.