Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Seattle's Best

Our 2013 summer family vacation was to Seattle.
I had visited Seattle when I was about 12, but Jason had never been.
He's always 'admired' the city since he was a kid and a wanna be goth/punk.
Even though the weather was supposed to be in the 70's & 80's, he still packed his Doc Martins and flannel shirts (and he packed while listening to Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam - no joke).
We figured (or at least hoped) it would be a manageable trip with a 10 month old.
Only a 2 hour flight from CA and a realistic sight-seeing agenda with a baby in tow.

Here is a summary of our trip by day:

 Our flight landed around 11, and we got downtown around noon.
 We hit up Pioneer Square for lunch and exploring


That evening we went to Kerry Park in Queen Anne for some awesome views of the city.

 Pike's Place Market
First Starbucks
Seattle's Waterfront
Jason had to see the Kurt Cobain memorial, so we headed there before heading to Ballard for Mexican food.

We took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island
Gorgeous views of Seattle from this side of the water

When we got back to Seattle that evening we headed to Fremont for Thai food.

Mariner's Game

And of course they had a fireplace in the stadium.
Only in Seattle.
So, if I had to nurse a baby at a baseball game, why not do it in front of the fire.
Not bad Safeco Field, not bad.

My high school mentor and her husband live outside of Seattle, so we were able to meet up with them at their house for dinner that evening.
Probably one of the highlights of the trip for me.
I hadn't seen them in over 8 years!
Jack with their twin girls, Katie & Sarah. 

Alki Beach in West Seattle

Our last stop was a quick tour of the University of Washington.

And then we headed home!

Some thoughts on traveling with a 10 month old:
I was super nervous for Jack's first flight, but he did great going both ways.
He handled each flight exactly the same:
He fell asleep while nursing during the take off and slept the first hour.
The rest of the flight he kept busy by eating snacks, looking out the window, and standing on our laps and looking at everyone.
On both flights, the decent was no good on his ears though, despite my attempt to nurse him or give him a bottle.
He screamed and arched for about 10 minutes during the decent, but was always better by the time the plan landed.
Thankfully we sat next to AWESOME men on both flights, who totally didn't care. 

Jack wakes up super early (around 6) and usually goes down for his morning nap around 8.
So, we didn't start our days until after he woke from his morning nap, around 11 or so.
We figured if he could get one good nap in, he would last longer into the day and be in a better mood while doing so.
We rented a car so we didn't have to deal with public transportation with him and so we could cover more ground at a faster pace (since our days were already shorter due to our late starts).
Jack's afternoon nap was usually in the car while we were driving somewhere.
Most times we got to our next destination within 20-30 minutes, but would drive around a little longer so he could get at least a 45 minute nap in.
We also took at least one break during the day so Jack could crawl around. He definitely didn't like being strapped down in the stroller or ergo all day. That was probably the hardest part of traveling with him at this age: he wants to move, but can't walk yet, so we could just let him free wherever we wanted.

All in all, Jack did great though! We kept him up way past his bedtime (until 8 or 9), but he adjusted and went to sleep great each night (even though we had his pack n' play in the closet. Sorry dude).

While 'vacationing' with a baby is so different than without, we are so glad we went for it.
It was no romantic get-away for us, but we were still able to have a great time exploring Seattle.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tahoe or Bust

We got back from Tahoe last week, and I'm just now feeling recovered.
Traveling with a baby is no joke.
Very different type of 'vacation.'
Coupled with the fact that Jason busted his ankle on the trip and got the stomach flu while we were there.
Oh, and I got the stomach flu the day we got back.
Yes, recovering.
And...we leave tomorrow for Seattle.
Still trying to gear up for another vacation trip.

But, the trip started out nicely.

Jason was coming up later, so I rode up with my parents.
I got to hangout with Jack in the backseat.
This was the progression of our road trip. 
Beautiful Tahoe mornings.

We hit up Donner Lake the first and second day.

Unlike the other times we've gone to the beach, Jack was not having it this time.
I gave him lots of snacks to try and keep him happy.

He played a little bit.

I did get an hour or so to myself one afternoon while Jack was napping and everyone else was at the lake.

On Saturday, Jason did the Tough Mudder.
He returned to the cabin with this.

Over a week later, it still looks pretty much the same.

Due to my crippled husband, we took it easy on Sunday and went to the pool.
Jack had a much better experience compared to his first two times in the pool

Jason had turned 32 on the day he came up to Tahoe.
We celebrated on Sunday at Sunnyside.
Love the West Shore of Tahoe.

We attempted a short beach outing to King's Beach on Monday.
We finished off the trip with Jason feeling nauseous that whole last day and then getting sick the morning we left.

I was not very compassionate.
Until we returned home and I spent that night on the bathroom floor.

Hears to another trip tomorrow!