Sunday, February 15, 2015

Olivia {9 Months}

Where does the time go? I just did the 8 month post!
We've had another great month, and this girl has so much personality!
Seeing her engage more and more with Jack has become one of my favorite things.
They love to play together - chasing each other around, climbing on things, looking through the glass door at each other... and Jack tries to wrestle with her, which is not the highlight of this engagement stage.
Again, nobody can make Livvie laugh like her brother does.
 Livvie continues to stand unassisted more often and for longer periods of times, but still drops down as soon as she realizes she does it.
I predict she will be walking in the next month or so, somewhere around 10 months.
She loves to push her walker around, and now that she knows how to turn it around once she hits a 'dead end', she has become all business with it. It is so funny to see how serious she is pushing it and turning it around.
The tupperware drawer is one of her favorite places to hangout, and we often just open it and she pulls up on it and pulls out all of her favorites and gives them a good taste. It is our go-to when she is cranky or fussy.
She has become attached to the re-usable fruit/veggie pouches we have and crawls all round the house gripping one of them as she goes.

She also loves her Wubbanub giraffe when she sleeps, and whenever she wakes up, she is always standing up in her crib, clinging to it.
When I nurse her before bed or naptime, she also has to hold onto it.
Sleeping got much better this month, and we have a consistent schedule with longer stretches of sleep.
At night she sleeps from 7pm-6am (we haven't been waking in the 5 o'clock hour very much anymore), waking usually only between 3-4am.
Her naps are from 9/9:30-11 and 2-3:30. Great progress all around.

I think sleep has gotten better because she has finally cut a bunch of teeth. Her two top middle teeth cut about 8.5 months, and she has 2-4 more about to make an appearance.
Liv has NEVER been a cuddle bug, and since 2 months old, she won't let you hold her facing inward. She twists her body around so that you have to face her outward. I hate it because I just want her to lay on my chest.
Well, the past month she has finally laid on my chest, and my heart just bursts.
This girl is still not a big fan of solids...or the bottle. She still wants to nurse all.the.time. I think weaning her is going to be horrific.
Her favorite food is yogurt, so I have to mix all her fruits and veggies with yogurt and cereal.
She also loves puffs and cereal.
I think I'm just going to move onto the finger foods at this point...

Here are Livvie's Stats at 9 Months
Weight: 16 lb, 6 oz (20th percentile)
Height: 27 inches (25th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17 in (25th percentile)
Diapers: Size 2
Clothing: Still some 3-6 month, mostly 6-12 month/9 month