Wednesday, September 25, 2013

To my ONE year old, Jack...

Dear Jack,
To the boy who made me a mama...
I still can't believe you are one year old. Where did the time go? How did we get here already?

It has to be one of the fastest years of my life. And, one of the best years of my life.

I still remember vividly the day you were born. The joy your dad and I had when you entered this world. The tears we shed. You made us parents. You were beautiful and perfect in our eyes. Screaming so loudly that all the nurses were commenting on your good lungs. Oh, and how we would see that temper in the coming days and months. You sure made it known when you weren't happy about something.

Your temper has dwindled over the last few months, and you are becoming a pretty mellow little guy. You do, however love to get into everything around the house. Opening cupboards, pulling things out of drawers, taking books off bookshelves. You seem to be into everything...but your toys.

Ever since you started opening those eyes regularly, everywhere we go, people comment on those big baby blues of yours. You also get lots of comments about how handsome you are. Mama and Dada aren't the only ones who think you are the cutest little boy...
You've been a mama's boy from the start, but you're becoming more and more into daddy. You love it when he tickles you, and you squeal so loudly. But, mama is always the one you want when you are sad or upset. You love being held when you are tired or upset, but you never were and still aren't a cuddler. Daddy says you are just like me...

Sweet Jack, you are also very sensitive. This also comes from me. You cry when we raise our voices at you when you are doing something you shouldn't. You are also sensitive to change and take a while to adjust to new things.

You have brought out a love in me that I never knew possible. Never before have I fallen in love with someone so instantly. You have shown me how great God's love is for great His love is for you. Our prayer is that you know that love and walk in that love.

Jack, part of me wants you to stay a baby forever. To be able to hold you in my arms. But, I know life will just keep getting better as you grow and show us more of who you are. We have loved getting to know you over this last year. And we are excited to discover more of who you are.

Everyone always says that having a baby is so hard. I never thought of you in that way though. I have truly loved every minute of being with you. I have to say that this year was not hard - maybe you are saving that for later (or maybe your future sibling will bring us to that place).  You have been a true joy. You have given me a gift. The gift I have always dreamed of and wanted. The gift of being a mama.

So, to the boy who made me a one can ever be what you have been to me. I love you, forever.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jack: 12 Months Old

I know he is a year old now, but I'm still going with 12 months for this post.
 It's been an absolutely crazy week, and I had planned to post this on his actual birthday, along with his one year letter, but life has taken a different course. So, here I am a week later. And the letter will come later... 

Jack took his first step on August 23rd, 4 days after he turned 11 months. A few days later he was up to two steps and then he took off from there. Two steps immediately turned to 7-8 steps, and by 11.5 months, Jack was fully walking. I love it! The cutest thing ever.

Other big events were his first hair cut on September 11th - daddy wouldn't let me wait until he was a year old. I was little upset initially because he looked 3 years old with the gel in his hair, but I have to say I think he looks much better.

Jack's vocabulary is still limited - mostly just saying mama and dada. He is saying his 'b's much more though - probably because he is obsessed with balls.

Jack continues to be a good sleeper and okay eater. I still think he would life off of a liquid diet if he could...

Here are Jack's Facts at 12 Months:
Weight: 21 lb, 11 oz
Height: 30.5 in
Head Circumference: 18 in
Eating: 2 good meals/day (breakfast is yogurt & banana; lunch is cottage cheese & fruit; dinner is veggies and whatever we can force down him)
Nursing: Twice/day
Sleeping: 11 hours at night (7pm-6am); 2 naps (9am-11am; 2pm-4pm)
Diaper: Size 4
Clothing: Mostly 12 month
Firsts: Steps at 11 months, 4 days (walking at 11.5 months); Haircut; Milk
Likes: balls, milk, books, putting EVERYTHING in his mouth
Dislikes: diaper changes, eating dinner

And here is the Jack collage from month 1-12