Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Olivia {11 Months}

And here we are, one month away from one.
I seriously don't know how we got here.
Fastest 11 months.
I'm fighting the tears as we type this.
I had the same feelings as Jack was leading up to a year old, but then a few days before his first birthday, I found out I was pregnant again. And I think the shock of that, along with knowing I was soon going to have another little baby to snuggle, made his first birthday a lot less emotional.

That will not be the case this year, and grappling with the reality that Liv might be our last baby makes this oh, so hard.

But, let's focus on Livvie's big month, not my emotional breakdown...

Four days after turning 10 months, Livvie started taking a few steps in a row. Each day she added a few more and within the week she was cruising all over the place. At about 10.5 months she was walking more than crawling, and now it is her main form of getting around. It is adorable watching her walk because she is SO tiny, and she wants to run, but has to hold her arms out straight when she does so, and it is just the cutest ever.
We made the move from pureed foods to finger foods this month and that was the magic trick. This girl just wants to feed herself and she loves doing it. Her main food groups are waffles, bananas, turkey, cheese, peas, and sweet potatoes. She also loves her sippy cup (and Jack's even more so).

Liv finally started clapping and waving this month, a milestone that I've been looking forward to so much. She just walks around waving at anything now. And whenever music comes on, she starts clapping. Adorable.
Sweet baby girl got a really bad 3-day fever this month, and it broke this mama's heart to see her feeling so bad. It was up in the 102-103 range for a solid 3 days. But, we got lots of cuddles (along with a few sleepless nights) because of it.

Sleep is back to one walking for the most part (usually between 2-4am). Her morning wake time is between 5-6, and those 5am mornings are so painful. After her middle of the night waking, she will basically sleep for another 3 hours, so I usually know what time she will be waking up based off of what time she wakes in the middle of the night. I am ready for this baby girl to give us some more zzz's.
Livvie continues to be super vocal and basically just walks around the house talking. Her new word this month was Jack, which she pronounces "Jat". She loves her brother so much and has been caught banging on his door when he's sleeping or in time-out :/

When Livvie doesn't get her way or if she wants something, she has no problem screaming about it until something changes. I'm a little worried about what life is going to be like once she hits those terrible two's.
Her birthday party is in full planning mode. Invitations went out this weekend, and I've been spending a lot of time (and money) on etsy. Can't wait to celebrate our little peach!