Friday, April 19, 2013

Jack: 7 Months Old

I have a love/hate relationship with these posts.
I love writing about Jack's updates each month and looking back on the month and seeing how he has changed.
But, I cringe every time I have to write out the next month number.
7 Months!
I think I will cry when I write 12 months because in my mind he won't be a baby anymore.
Let's not jump the gun, though. 
Still got a baby here.
  Jack, as always, continues to grow and change in leaps and bounds!
As of 6 months and a few days, he has been sitting up like a pro.
He is still perfecting his crawling form, but can get up on his knees and hands and take a stride or two.
Then he falls back down on his belly and army crawls to where he wants to go.
About two weeks ago, he also started pulling himself up to sit (from a laying down position).
And, our little man has some teeth now!
I didn't even know they were coming in until my mom pointed it out to me. (Mommy fail - but the kid has the smallest mouth ever so it's hard to ever see them).
So, we've got the bottom two teeth.
After a rough first two weeks of starting solids, Jack is now an eating machine!
Loves his food! 
Greens are not his favorites, but he loves fruits (apples, pears, & bananas), sweet potatoes, and squash.
Pretty sure our food bill is going to be ridiculous feeding this boy and his dad! 
(The main reason why I'm praying our next is a girl...we can't afford the food budget of another boy).
Here are Jack's Facts at 7 Months:
Height: 27.5 in (55th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17.75 in (65th percentile)
Clothing Size: 6 & 9 Month
Diaper Size: 3
Eating: 2 solid meals a day (lunch and dinner); Nursing every 3-4 hours
Sleeping: 11-13 hours at night (still waking after 7-9 hours to nurse). Typically goes down around 6 and wakes up around 6 or 7.
Firsts: 2 front teeth; pulling up to a sitting position; standing (with the support of something)
Likes: Bath time; moving around
Dislikes: Loud noises; the vacuum; change (just like his mama)
And, here is a comparison of Jack at different month stages.
Crazy to see how different he looks at each month (and definitely glad he cutened up a bit since that first mouth...yikes!)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

College Mini-Reunion

This past weekend I had a college mini-reunion (as we called it) with some of my besties from college at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA.
Oh, the college days.
Weren't they the best?!
We did lots of reminiscing. 
I think the friendships you make and have during college have to be some of the sweetest.
I mean, isn't college about just hanging out with people all the time?
(Maybe not ALL the time for me because I was a big dork and studied a lot, but still)
For four years, you get to live with your friends.
The bonds I formed with my college friends are for a life-time and can't be compared with any friendships I've formed since college.

I had the amazing blessing of meeting great girls my freshman year. 
My dorm roommate who I was paired with ended up being the one I shared a room with for the rest of college.
We were both in each others weddings.
We still hangout often and our husbands are great friends, too.

The girls that lived on each side of us in the dorm, along with a few across the hall, would all come to be my housemates for the next three years.

We lived in this AWESOME Victorian for the three years after the dorms. 
There were seven of us that lived in the main house and two in the side unit.
The five of us that lived upstairs lived there all three years, while the bottom room and side unit changed every year.

Five of our best friends lived a few houses down on the same street.
So fun!

So the five of us from the top floor of my house and the five girls who lived down the street have all kept in touch since we graduated college seven years ago.

We did our first formal reunion this weekend (normally we see each other in smaller groups or at weddings or showers).

It's so special how you can always just pick up right where you left off...even if we have been living in different towns for the past seven years.

My roommate from college lives right by wine country, so she hosted us for the weekend.

We started off with lunch at the local general store.
Then we headed to three different wineries and had so much fun wine tasting.
{Thankful for Taylor for all the pics, who has and always will be our group photographer...and historian to help us remember all the good times we've had}
These amazing views didn't hurt, either.

At two of the three wineries, the people we asked to take our picture had a lot of fun with their job.
The first girl wanted us to act like we just saw a bear. And then act surprised. Here is our surprised shot.
At the second winery, the guy wanted us to do our best 'blue steel'.
We went with it.
And nothing is more fun than some comparison pics from a wine tasting trip our last year of college.
We had a relaxing evening in, watching a video slideshow of pictures from our college years that Taylor (group photographer/historian) had given each of us when we graduated. 
So fun to laugh at ourselves and reminisce over all the memories we've shared.
Can't wait for our next reunion!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jack's 6 Month Photo Shoot & A Comparison

I wanted some updated 'professional' looking pics of Jack, since we only have newborn ones and he looks nothing like that anymore.
So thankful for my sister Mel who is the best and took these AWESOME pics of Jack the other weekend.
I am a little obsessed with them and look at them over and over.
These are my favorites out of about 50 that I initially liked
Still can't pic the 1 or 2 that I want to frame.
So, here we are.
Photo overload of Jack at six months old.
And, I thought it would be fun to do a comparison picture of me, Jason, and Jack at 6 months.
Everyone seems to have a strong opinion of who they think Jack looks like. Some say definitely me, while others say definitely Jason.

Who do you think Jack looks like?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 Years

Two years since we said 'I do.'
It sure has gone by fast!
I's only been two years...
but lots has happened in those two years!

By our first anniversary, we had bought our first house together.
And, I was entering my second trimester of pregnancy.

Excited to not be pregnant for this anniversary!
 We are planning on celebrating this weekend by going out to dinner in the city.

So blessed to go through life with this hottie!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break & Easter :: 2013

Last week was my Spring Break!
It was so nice to have the week off.
I didn't really feel like I needed Spring Break yet...
but now that it's ended and I'm back at work today, I realize how much I needed it.
Waking up this morning was like an awful April's Fools joke...even more so because I was up until 1:30am last night...puking. 

Over the first weekend of Spring Break, my sisters and I took my mom to see Jersey Boys.
It was our Christmas/Mother's Day present to her.
If you haven't seen Jersey Boys, GO!
I had no idea that so many of those popular 60's songs are all written by Four Seasons!

On Monday, my mom, sisters, and I then went to visit Grammy in the Central Valley.
We hadn't seen her since her 101st birthday in October, so I'm glad we were able to get another visit with her.
Jack and I spent many slow mornings hanging out in our pajamas, taking walks, and trying to get the little guy to eat some solids - so far bananas are the winner.
We did a cousin trip to see the Easter bunny.
And a lunch date with Daddy.
Jack had a 6 month photo shoot, too.
Those will be coming soon :)

We had a great first Easter with Jack.
We celebrated on Saturday with my family.
On Easter Day we headed up to Jason's aunt and uncle's house to celebrate with his side of the family.
They have a beautiful backyard...with many acres of land.
 They call it Baker's Acres
And then the rain came later
 Our first Easter as a family of 3.

 Jack with Jason's Mom

 Jason's Dad with his two grandsons: 
Jack and Austin(5 weeks apart)

And now it is back to work.
It was so nice spending the days with Jack.
The week went by all too quickly.
10.5 more weeks until summer!

For previous Spring Break posts:
2012...spent the week unpacking our new house (and sick from pregnancy). Hence, no post...

Happy April Showers from California!