Monday, June 21, 2010

The Oakland Zoo

As I talked about in my Monterey Bay Aquarium post, my family is not huge animal lovers - hence my first trip to the zoo occurred when I was 13 years old. Well, I have now gone to the zoo twice!

I had never been to the Oakland Zoo (despite living 30 minutes from it my entire childhood). However, my sister has season passes there (I guess you stoop to such crazy extremes when you have young kids), so she invited me along last week. Since we're both teachers, it"s great that we can do summer activities together. I wasn't so excited about the whole zoo aspect, but I was excited to spend an afternoon with my two adorable nieces!

I must say that, overall, I was pretty unimpressed with the Oakland Zoo - not necessarily because I'm not an animal lover, but rather because I didn't really see that many animals. We saw some elephants (Kate's favorite), zebras, meer cats (gross), giraffes, turtles...and well, I can't recall much else.

The best part was watching my nieces on the carousel and then seeing Kate on the airplane ride. They had a blast - and I had a blast hanging out with my nieces for the afternoon!

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