Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Not that I believe in superstition, but I had never caught a bouquet at a wedding before...until 4 months ago. In May, at my friend Travis' wedding, I caught the bouquet. Two months after that, I caught (or picked up) the bouquet at my friend Megan's wedding. Less than two months after that...I was engaged!

Last Sunday, 9-19-10, Jason proposed in San Francisco!

It started off like any normal Sunday...church and then some afternoon errands. The day before, my sister Elyse had decided to take a trip to Hawaii to visit a friend since she has a bunch of frequent flyer miles to use up. Upon hearing this, Jason immediately offered to take her to the airport. On Saturday evening, he suggested that we make a day out of it and hangout in the city after. (Little did I know that he had picked up my ring that morning - He was actually going to try and wait...yeah right...until the following weekend to propose because we already had plans to go into the city that weekend).

So on Sunday afternoon we headed out to SFO and dropped my sister off at the airport. The plan was to then go and walk along the Land's End Trail, which runs from Ocean Beach to Baker Beach (I told him he should have proposed on Baker Beach since that is his last name - but he claims it is a nudist beach...)

After a pit stop at Coffee Bean (well done), we made our way down to the water. About 5 minutes away, the song "Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flats came on the radio, which Jason and I had previously discussed as a song we wanted played at our wedding. (Apparently Jason was fighting tears the whole time the song was playing...knowing that he would soon be proposing to me).

A few minutes later, we were parked and walking along the Land's End Trail. Any suspicion that I may have had of Jason proposing was soon dissipated by Jason's lack of decisiveness about where to go along the trail. (Apparently he was looking for a place called Mile Point Beach...I saw about 3 signs indicating its location...but I guess Jason was too nervous to notice them). So we're walking along and hit a bunch of stairs that go down to the water. Jason didn't know if these were the stairs that led to Mile Point Beach, so he didn't want us to walk down them and discover it was the wrong spot...and then make me walk further. We kept walking, but the trail soon ended, with about 50-75 stairs that you could then walk up. At this point, I think Jason just didn't know what to do or where to go, so he started asking me what I wanted to do (again - suspicion of proposal was out the window because he clearly didn't seem to have a plan...). I said I didn't care (typical), and we decided to turn around and go down the first set of stairs that we passed. Well, good thing we did because these were the stairs that led to Mile Point Beach - the proposal spot. Once you go down the stairs, you walk along this cliff type trail that takes you to a big cliff that overlooks the water. On a clear day, it is a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge (which we will have to see another time). I was standing on the edge, looking out on the water and Jason was behind me. He then grabbed my waste and began turning me around towards him. As he did so, he began bending down on one knee. My knees began trembling.

Despite the distraction of a group of about 25 people on the cliff that was 20-30 feet below us, I actually remember everything that Jason said when he proposed! (As soon as he got down on his knee, this guy decided it was a great time to start yelling, "Did she say YES?!" I wanted to yell back at him, "Dude, give the guy a chance to ask me!") Upon my YES, the crowd below began cheering and shouting hoorays for us! We didn't have a camera on us (My camera was in my purse, which I left in the car, not thinking I would need anything from it...) We asked someone to take some pictures for us on their camera, and I gave them my email, so we got some pictures!

Here we are on the upper cliff area where he proposed

Down on the lower area by the water
Here is a picture from the internet of the spot he proposed (taken from the upper cliff looking down on the lower cliff)

He proposed on the upper cliff, and the group of people were on the lower part where the circle is

Here we are later that night at my sister and brother-in-laws

It was such a wonderful moment. And...I LOVE my ring!! It is exactly what I wanted - Jason did great (although apparently my ring was quite the burden/5 ton weight for him to bare, as it took almost 3 months for my ring to arrive...well, at least for the correct ring to arrive...long story. But, he was going CRAZY with all the waiting).

We are SO excited to get married - and aren't wasting anytime doing so. The date is set for April 2, 2011 - just about 6 months away. Things are falling into place very smoothly so far - church and reception venue are booked, photographer and caterer are just about in place...AND...I found my dress! It was the first one I tried on, was everything I wanted, and I had no reason to look anymore. Pictures to come in April :)

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Becky said...

Hooray Rebecca! I'm just thrilled for you! I've heard that the ring and the dress are fabulous. Congrats to you and Jason!