Monday, July 2, 2012

Tahoe Travels

Cartmell family tradition brings us up to Tahoe each summer.

Unfortunately, with my sister and I both being pregnant this summer, we weren't able to coordinate a week we could all go within the acceptable travel window for our pregnancies. 

Thankfully, we had a family wedding on Jason's side in Tahoe that still gave us an excuse to get up there.

Last weekend, Jason and I spent a great weekend with his family in South Shore.

It started off Friday with his cousin Zach's wedding on the beach. It was a gorgeous setting.

Here we are with Jason's siblings and their spouses (and also with Jason's parents). His sister is also pregnant and due about four weeks after I am. So fun to be pregnant at the same time as my sister and sister-in-law.


A bunch of us stayed together in a cabin with an incredible view of Lake Tahoe. The whole backside of the house was windows, so we got to stare at this view all day long.

It was quite chilly and breezy on Saturday, so we spent a lot of time visiting indoors. We did make it down to Jameson Beach for some rum-runners at the Beacon and a visit to Camp Richardson's Ice Cream Parlor (both Cartmell family Tahoe traditions that I loved sharing with Jason). 

With my bubble-gum and rainbow sherbert ice cream. Pregnancy Craving?

And, it's always fun to find a 'Big Daddy' saying along the way. The joke behind this might have to be a separate post one day...

Jason was sad they didn't sell shirts...
No bathing suits or beach for this Tahoe visit, but it was a great weekend with the Baker family.

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