Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jack: 12 Months Old

I know he is a year old now, but I'm still going with 12 months for this post.
 It's been an absolutely crazy week, and I had planned to post this on his actual birthday, along with his one year letter, but life has taken a different course. So, here I am a week later. And the letter will come later... 

Jack took his first step on August 23rd, 4 days after he turned 11 months. A few days later he was up to two steps and then he took off from there. Two steps immediately turned to 7-8 steps, and by 11.5 months, Jack was fully walking. I love it! The cutest thing ever.

Other big events were his first hair cut on September 11th - daddy wouldn't let me wait until he was a year old. I was little upset initially because he looked 3 years old with the gel in his hair, but I have to say I think he looks much better.

Jack's vocabulary is still limited - mostly just saying mama and dada. He is saying his 'b's much more though - probably because he is obsessed with balls.

Jack continues to be a good sleeper and okay eater. I still think he would life off of a liquid diet if he could...

Here are Jack's Facts at 12 Months:
Weight: 21 lb, 11 oz
Height: 30.5 in
Head Circumference: 18 in
Eating: 2 good meals/day (breakfast is yogurt & banana; lunch is cottage cheese & fruit; dinner is veggies and whatever we can force down him)
Nursing: Twice/day
Sleeping: 11 hours at night (7pm-6am); 2 naps (9am-11am; 2pm-4pm)
Diaper: Size 4
Clothing: Mostly 12 month
Firsts: Steps at 11 months, 4 days (walking at 11.5 months); Haircut; Milk
Likes: balls, milk, books, putting EVERYTHING in his mouth
Dislikes: diaper changes, eating dinner

And here is the Jack collage from month 1-12

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