Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dear Olivia, You are One...

I have not posted any updates on Livvie since she was 7 months old...even though I've had them written, I got so behind on uploading/editing the monthly pics. I've pretty much given up on blogging, so I didn't bother to post. But I just started re-reading old posts, and it is so great to have something more formal to look back on. So these are finally getting published. And I'm determined to post about her birthday...and maybe even our summer!
 Dear Livvie,
Oh sweet baby girl, what a first year we have had with you! I can't believe it has already come and gone.
I have always dreamed of having a daughter and am so thankful that God has blessed me with you to fulfill that longing in my heart.
From the moment we first found out you were on your way, you have kept us on our toes. From uncertainty about your brain's development to concern about you being too small, pregnancy with you was not dull. And then you burst into the world after one push, revealing to us the strength of your lungs...and that for sure hasn't stopped.
The first few months after you were born were quite rough. You wanted to be held ALL the time, cried when you weren't, didn't like sleeping for more than 45 minutes, and you hated the car...screamed anytime we went everywhere. 

I'm convinced you never wanted to be a baby - that you just wanted to be independent and a part of everything that was going on around you. Once you became mobile, you became so much happier. You love to be in the center of all the activity, and you sure don't want to miss a thing! You are so social, love waving at anyone who passes by. I hope you are always so friendly!
You know what you want, and your temper comes out when you don't get what you want. You are feisty and determined and independent, and while you drive your mama a bit crazy at times, I know that you are going to be a strong woman when you grow up.
Livvie, you are fearless and our accident prone child. You have pulled a mug full of hot coffee onto you, toppled into the bathtub countless times, fallen out of your high chair, and bonked your head more times than we can count! But nothing stops you. You recover and go for it all over again...always climbing up on things to get to what you want.
We love your chatty personality, always talking and jabbering, and your love for music and dancing. Anytime you hear music playing, you start you bob your head or sway or bounce or spin in circles.  One of your favorite ways to wind down before bedtime is for me to sing to you. You lay your head on my chest and it makes mama's heart melt. These last few months you have become such a cuddle bug, and mama and dada wouldn't have it any other way.
Liv, we have loved this first year with you. You have won over your daddy in a way I have never seen, and seeing that relationship flourish has been one of my favorite things of your first year. That, and your love for your big brother. I cannot wait to see how these relationships grow...just as I cannot wait to see you grow into the girl and woman God created you to be. We love you, Livvie Lou.

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