Thursday, May 2, 2013

On Going Vegetarian

Two weeks ago, Jason and I got this great horrible idea to stop eating meat for 30 days.
I know...crazy!

A lot of people we know are vegetarian/vegan, and some have just recently made this change, so they've been talking about it a lot. 
They all say how great they feel from not eating meat and are happy with their change.

I must say, we were somewhat critical of this diet, saying it wasn't for us.

Two weeks ago we were driving to see Jason's grandparents and were talking about vegetarian and vegan diets...if we would be able to ever make the change...what it would look like if we did it...the pros, the cons, etc.

And, we decided that we should give it a shot.
Don't knock something till you've tried it, right?

If you know Jason at all, this decision is even more shocking.
The man lives off of protein, specifically meat protein.
He eats two chicken breasts for lunch every day...and a dinner without some sort of dare I?

I only eat meat at dinner, so the rest of my meals wouldn't be affected. 
How hard could it be?

We set out to start our meatless diet that Monday (we knew there was NO way we could go vegan and survive).
In order to really try to give our body a chance to adapt, we decided to do it for 30 days.
Yes, no meat for 30 days.

Try 9 days.
We lasted 9 days.
Caved in at dinner last night. (I was making Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti for my friend who just had a baby. Who can resist that? Clearly, not us).

People, how do they do it?

I seriously could hardly find any dinner meals that looked appetizing. 
And, I felt like I was reading a foreign language.
Did not know what so many of the ingredients were in vegetarian meals.
Just didn't feel motivated to learn a whole new way of cooking.

So, we ate salad one night, made veggie pizza, had breakfast for dinner, black bean burgers, cucumber/avocado/tomato sandwiches with cream cheese...
I seriously can't even remember what else we ate.
Blocked it out.

We would both be starving 2 hours after dinner.

Had a bowl of cereal before I went to bed every night.
(I'm sure we could have found some more protein rich veggies like kale to throw in the mix...but who wants that?)
I'm sure if you do it right, you can be more successful.
But we just weren't motivated.
We like our meat too much.

And, we were both exhausted.
Again, if we gave our bodies more of a change to adapt, that probably would have gone away...

But, as they say, "Ain't nobody got time for that."

I totally agree with moderation, so maybe Jason should cut back a bit...
But we just can't cut it out completely.

So, meat it is!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

You lasted 8 days longer than we would have. Meat Forever!

Dana said...

I give you a gold star for even trying! Have you just tried going to only real food? We started doing it about 9 months ago and love the change! It's a little more time consuming, but now when we have to eat processed food on the run...we can tell the difference to our bodies and energy levels. I recommend these sites:, and plenty of meat, just healthier : ).


Dana said...
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