Friday, July 5, 2013

Beach Day

We have a major heat wave going on here in California.
Triple digit weather for about 10 days straight.
Today we are finally getting some relief.

The coast is always a good 15-20 degrees cooler than where we live inland, so on Saturday we 'beached' it up.

 Everyone else seemed to have the same idea that we did.

This was Jack's second trip to the beach, but the first time we really only spent an hour or so there.

He did so great this time around.
Perched him on a blanket under an umbrella and he pretty much hung out there for most of the day.
Can we talk about how much of a little boy he looks like in the bottom right picture?!
Where is my baby?

We brought lots of things to keep him distracted.

I love these three of Jack and Jason.

And, a rare photo of Jack and I.
I can't stop starring at this picture.
Makes me smile :) 

This was the first time Jason and I had been to Capitola, so we enjoyed walking around the cute downtown.
 And no trip a beach town is complete without a stop at the taffy store.
Ugh, guilty (and expensive) pleasure.
$11 worth of taffy...

We're looking forward to going back soon!
One of the many reasons why I love California! 


Tegan Aubrie | Twelve13 said...

You didn't get ice cream??? You have to go back. They have two amazing ice cream shops in Capitola. The town is the cutest. So glad Jack did well-- and the picture of the two of you is awesome!

rebecca said...

Tegan - we planned on stopping on our way back to the car, but Jack was so done at that point that we didn't get any. Sad...but next time!