Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Tour of Pixar Studios

One of our friends works at Pixar Studios and invited us to their monthly 'Beer Bash' on Friday.
We've been trying to go for months and it finally worked out.
The last Friday of the month, Pixar hosts dinner and drinks for their employees, friends, and family.
So, pretty much that's reason #1 why Pixar is the coolest place to work.

Reason #2 has got to be that the grounds are freaking amazing.
I was blown away!

This is where we checked in...
Yes, life size Buddy and Buzz Lightyear...made out of Legos.
Buddy was about 6 feet tall.

This is their main atrium.

Since Monster's University is the current movie they just released, the place was decked out with everything MU related.

Also in the atrium is their cafe, employee kitchen (free cereal and pb&j all day long - I would never need to buy breakfast or lunch again), and their rec area with ping pong/air hockey/fuse ball, etc)

We went on a tour of the rest of the studio, and it kept getting cooler and cooler.
We saw their three movie theaters with velvet upholstered chairs (one had couches instead).
Most of the parts of the upper level I wasn't able to take pictures of, but we were able to see tons of stuff that goes on behind the scenes of making antimated movies.
Lots of drawing boards and sketches.
It takes anywhere from 30,000 - 100,000 drawing boards to make one of their movies!

I was so glad I was able to take a picture of this, though.

So sad our Jack Jack wasn't there, but I plan on bringing him back for a photo shoot.
Perfect for his 1st birthday, which is Incredibles/Jack Jack themed :)

They have multiple bars throughout the studio.
We went in one, and I felt like I was in a lounge in San Francisco.
Reason #3 why this place is awesome.

The campus also has a swimming pool, basketball court, soccer field...and probably more that I didn't see.
They encourage their employees to use their lunch to do these activities...or join the crouching club...or whatever is your hobby.
Reason #4 why I want to work there.  

Now...to watch Monster's University!

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Alexis Revelo said...

Just wanted to let you know his name is woody, not buddy.