Sunday, November 9, 2014


Already over a week into November.
Can't believe Fall is half-over.
We've barely even had Fall here in California.
So hot.
And the trend has continued into November.
At least the leaves have finally started to change.

October was a super busy month for us, but we were able to do some Fall activities...despite the un-Fall-like weather.

First was our annual trip to Apple Hill.
Jason and I have been doing this since we were engaged and it's such a fun tradition.
Apple Hill is made up of tons of apple farms (and wineries). During Fall they have tons of activities going on at the farms for families and kids.
Or you can just go to indulge in apple-everything.
Even though it was so warm this year and we had to wear shorts, we still enjoyed the apples galore.
It was crazy trying to do this outing with 2 kids this year and it was kinda a bust and we couldn't stay long because Jack was so tired when we got up there. It's a 2 hour drive from our house, we got there at 10, and by 12:30, after the second farm, he fell asleep in the car while driving to the next.
So, back home we went...

Next up - the Pumpkin Patch.
We have a great pumpkin patch about 30 minutes from our house that is on a farm and has tons of activities for kids.

After picking out our pumpkins, we let Jack go over to feed the animals.
He might not be an animal lover...
And we couldn't resist letting him take a ride on the tractor train.
He is so into trains right now and absolutely loved it.
He kept waving to us from across the way.
October always means Grammy's birthday.
This year we celebrated 1 0 3.
Truly amazing.
A few weeks before her birthday, Grammy took a fall in her home and after a trip to the hospital, my mom and aunt decided it wasn't best for her to live by herself anymore.
So, we had her birthday party at her new home's attrium.
Grammy loved every moment and wouldn't stop smiling.
When I found out I was pregnant a little over a year, one of my wishes was that Grammy would be able to meet this baby.
I'm so glad that was able to happen.
Olivia is Grammy's 11th great-grandchild.
The day after Grammy's birthday party, my sister and I went to Game 5 of the World Series.
It was a dream of mine to go to a Giant's World Series, and after not going the last two years, I didn't want to miss this chance. 
With 3 World Series in 5 seasons, I figured it could be awhile until another one happens.
It was a blast.
No regrets.
And, a Giant's win (and shutout)!!
And lastly, Halloween.
I had hoped to continue the 'Jack' costume theme again and have Jack be a Cracker Jack box, with Olivia as a peanut.
But there were no costumes to be found, and I sure wasn't going to be making them...
So, I chose personal costumes.
Jack was a railroad/train engineer to go with his love for trains.
And Livvie was a strawberry to go with her strawberry blonde hair.
Neither Jason or I are big into Halloween, but it was so fun watching Jack trick-or-treat this year.
He walked up to each house and knocked on the door; said his 'tick teat' and grabbed a piece (or two) of candy.
And after each house, he would say 'tank you' and then wave and say 'byeeee' as we walked off.
I wish I took pictures, but I was holding Livvie. It was so adorable.

So, there is our October!
Looking forward to a very mellow November!

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