Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Truck on Over {Jack's 2nd Birthday}

It's been over a month, but I wanted to share some highlights from Jack's 2nd Birthday.
I made it vintage truck theme because he LOVES trucks, and I love the look of vintage trucks.
His room is decorated as vintage trucks and planes, so I was able to use a few things from his room as party decor.

The colors were navy, red, and teal. 

I fell in love with these invitations.
Available here.

Last year Jack's party was supposed to be held at a park.
It was seriously the only day it dumped rain that hard in the last year.
I was convinced that this year it was going to be a triple digit heat wave for his party instead.
But I still opted for the park, and it actually was very nice weather.
It was pretty windy though, so my decor didn't last long before things started tipping over or flying away.

I did a horrible job photographing this party, but did manage to grab a few pics...

We kept it pretty simple with just snacks and desserts. Too hard to do a meal at a park and lug everything there.

Food Menu
Corn Dip
Chips and Guac
Fruit Kabobs
Veggies and Hummus
Fruit Puffs
Donuts (spare tires)
Red Vines (jumper cables)

 It was a smaller crowd - just family and 3 of Jack's closest friends (which still added up to about 20 adults and about 10-12 kids).
Jack had a great time and loved all the attention! 

Jack's shirt from here.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jack Jack!

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