Tuesday, February 12, 2013

29th Birthday Re-cap

I'm not a huge birthday person, but I was looking forward to celebrating my birthday this year with Jason.
We joke about how every year since we started dating, he has been 'off the hook' when it comes to doing anything for my birthday.
Having a birthday in the first week of February means that every four years your birthday will either fall on Super Bowl Sunday, the day before the Super Bowl, or the day after the Super Bowl.
Which translates into: Super Bowl Birthday Bashes
(This is a huge change for me compared to my childhood. As a child, a birthday in the first week of February always meant a Heart Birthday Party...see here for my first 12 birthdays).
Anyway, the first year Jason and I were dating (2010), my birthday fell on Super Bowl Sunday, so we watched the Super Bowl with my family and then had dinner after at my parents.
The next year (2011), my birthday was the Monday after Super Bowl, so we celebrated it on Sunday...at my parents....with my family...watching the Super Bowl :)
In 2012, my birthday was two days after the Super Bowl, so Jason and I didn't combine it with the Super Bowl and celebrated with my family that Saturday and then planned to go out to dinner together on my birthday to use a gift card we had received for Christmas.
Well, on my actual birthday, I woke up the lovely gift of morning sickness.
I was a little over 6 weeks pregnant and it was the first time I threw up from pregnancy.
That night I was miserable (that became the time of day I felt the worst), and I remember laying on the couch telling Jason I just wanted Mountain Mike's Pizza for dinner.
He felt so bad for me and was trying to be really thoughtful and said he was going to get some pizza from a better place. He drove out of his way to get this 'great' pizza he had in the past.
Well, they either changed their recipe or Jason remembered it being better than it was cause the stuff tasted like cardboard and both of us could barely get it down.
We still joke about it to this day...

All this to say that Jason wanted to make sure we really celebrated my birthday together this year.
We still had the Christmas gift card to use from my previous birthday.
My birthday fell on a Thursday this year and the college group at church that we lead is also on Thursdays.
We ended up having a fun game night with dessert that night though, and then planned to use the gift card on Friday night.
We got all dressed up Friday night for a nice dinner.
(If you've seen the movie Mrs. Doubtfire, the restaurant scene at the end of the movie was the restaurant we went to).
We enjoyed amazing brie for an appetizer, veal and scallops for our entrees, and a chocolate/caramel/coconut moose for dessert.

My birthday kinda turned into a birthday weekend, though.
The next day, one of my college roommates got married, so Jason and I got another date out together.
Finally some pictures...
 (Really a pretty awful picture of us...I am way too short next to Jason since I had exchanged my heals for flip flops at this point in the night...and we both look tired!)
 (My college roommates...minus the bride. The one with her didn't turn out. Sad.)
And then on Sunday, we did the traditional family dinner at my parents.
My sister grabbed this shot of me blowing out my birthday candles with my nieces.
A very fun weekend...and I think I'm good with the birthday celebrating for awhile :)

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