Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It's been a big week for our little guy!
Last Monday, (1.28), Jack rolled over for the first time (back to stomach).
Of course I missed it...I was at work...but my mom saw it while watching him, which I love!
He wouldn't perform for me and Jason that night, but we were both able to see it the next day.
The kid loves rolling...every time we put him on his back, right away he rolls to his stomach...and then gets mad because he doesn't like being on his stomach.
You'd think he would learn. Haha.
Every morning when he wakes up, he is on his stomach.
Speaking of sleeping...
The next night, on Tuesday, Jack slept through the night for the first time!
He did 7.5 hours on Tuesday night, then 10 hours on Wednesday night, and...has done 7-10 stretches since then for the past week!
I hope this continues.
I'm attributing it to our new windows (which were put in on that Tuesday...)
I think our boy is finally warm at night...haha.
 On Friday, (2.1) Jack rolled from stomach to back for the first time
I missed this one, too.
Jack likes to do his tricks for his Mimi, I guess.
I got a text from my mom about half an hour after I dropped him off saying that he had rolled stomach to back.
I was really excited that he figured this one out since he doesn't like being on his stomach, but he hasn't done it since, so I'm pretty sure he didn't know what he was doing...
Love seeing all the milestones our boy is having!

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