Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jack: 5 Months Old

A big month for our Jack Jack!
Lots of firsts and exciting things going on from month 4 to 5.
Poor guy got his first cold a few days after he turned 4 months.
He was a trooper though, and we enjoyed getting lots of snuggles from him.
He started rolling from back to stomach...and occasionally he will go stomach to back, but he is still perfecting that one.
Jack has been a sleeping machine the past few weeks.
We finally put him in his own room a week after he turned 4 months, and it has done wonders...(it's either being in his own room, being able to roll to his favorite sleeping position {his belly}, or the fact that we got new windows)...
but the boy is sleeping anywhere from 8-12 hours a night.
We usually put him down around 7:30 and sometimes I have to wake him up in the morning at 7:45.
He still sometimes wakes up once in the middle of the night after 7 or 8 hours and wants to eat...but still so much improvement...and it's only once in awhile.
Two nights ago he slept for from 7:30-10:30 (waking once after 9 hours to eat around 4am)!
The downside to long stretches at night is less sleep during the day.
He will sometimes take a two hour nap in the late morning around 9:30 or 10, but the most I can get from him in the afternoon is maybe 45 minutes (hence the early bed time.
Jack loves to hear himself talk...especially when he first wakes up in the morning.
Lately he starts cracking up and squealing when we lay him on his changing table to either dress or undress him...he seems to think that taking clothes off or putting them on is hilarious.
Jack's a busy guy...always looking around (can't miss a thing) and grabbing at everything within his reach or sight.
I think he's going to be an extrovert like his daddy.
He also wants to suck his thumb...which we are trying so hard to prevent...but as soon as we pull it out of his mouth it goes right back in. 
Any suggestions on how to prevent a thumb sucker?! 

Jack found his feet at about 4.5 months, and all he wants to do is eat them :)

Because he's a sleeping machine at night, he's an eating machine during the day.
We're going to start him on solids within a few days because a milk only diet isn't cutting it any more for this growing boy!
Here are Jack's Facts at 5 Months
Weight: ??? (we don't have a scale)
Height: 26.5 in (75th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17 in (50th percentile)
Diaper Size: 2 (almost ready for 3's)
Clothing Size: Mostly 6 month
Eating: Every 2-3 hours, sometimes even more frequently
Sleeping: 8-12+ hours at night...cat naps during the day
Likes: Chewing on anything, sucking thumb, outfit changes, talking
Dislikes: Taking Naps
Firsts: Rolling over, Sleeping through the night, Found his feet

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