Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break & Easter :: 2013

Last week was my Spring Break!
It was so nice to have the week off.
I didn't really feel like I needed Spring Break yet...
but now that it's ended and I'm back at work today, I realize how much I needed it.
Waking up this morning was like an awful April's Fools joke...even more so because I was up until 1:30am last night...puking. 

Over the first weekend of Spring Break, my sisters and I took my mom to see Jersey Boys.
It was our Christmas/Mother's Day present to her.
If you haven't seen Jersey Boys, GO!
I had no idea that so many of those popular 60's songs are all written by Four Seasons!

On Monday, my mom, sisters, and I then went to visit Grammy in the Central Valley.
We hadn't seen her since her 101st birthday in October, so I'm glad we were able to get another visit with her.
Jack and I spent many slow mornings hanging out in our pajamas, taking walks, and trying to get the little guy to eat some solids - so far bananas are the winner.
We did a cousin trip to see the Easter bunny.
And a lunch date with Daddy.
Jack had a 6 month photo shoot, too.
Those will be coming soon :)

We had a great first Easter with Jack.
We celebrated on Saturday with my family.
On Easter Day we headed up to Jason's aunt and uncle's house to celebrate with his side of the family.
They have a beautiful backyard...with many acres of land.
 They call it Baker's Acres
And then the rain came later
 Our first Easter as a family of 3.

 Jack with Jason's Mom

 Jason's Dad with his two grandsons: 
Jack and Austin(5 weeks apart)

And now it is back to work.
It was so nice spending the days with Jack.
The week went by all too quickly.
10.5 more weeks until summer!

For previous Spring Break posts:
2012...spent the week unpacking our new house (and sick from pregnancy). Hence, no post...

Happy April Showers from California!

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