Monday, January 21, 2013


The day we realized our lives were about to change.
The  day we found out this little guy was on his way.
One year ago today.
Here's the story of how our baby boy came to be...
At the end of December, I decided to stop taking birth control. 
Over the previous year, I had been on 3-4 different kinds and didn't like any of them.
I hated the way it made me feel...
and my cycles were even more irregular on the pill than off.

When I went off the pill, Jason and I decided to just see what happened.
Jason REALLY wanted a baby...I wasn't quite there yet.
I couldn't wait to be a mother, but we had only been married 9 months, and I wanted some more time just the two of us.
Plus, I thought it would be good to save a little more money before starting a family.
A week or so after I stopped birth control, we found out my sister Mel was pregnant.
We kinda went into panic mood at the thought of us also getting pregnant. 
While it would be so fun to have a kid at the same time as my sister, we knew it would make things difficult because my mom would have to watch both our newborns when we went back to work.
We thought that would be way too much for her to take on (in addition to my sisters two other kids).
Just not the right timing.
So, we bought some protection with great intentions of using it.
That never happened...
A few weeks later, I was pretty sure I was pregnant.
I wasn't 'late' yet, but I just had this feeling that I was pregnant.
I even bought some pregnancy tests...but didn't take one for a few days because I wasn't even late yet.

Well, then I was late.
It was a Saturday morning, and we were lounging around.
I decided that I was going to take the test. 
Jason said that if I ever thought I was pregnant, he wanted to be there when I took a test. (This actually wasn't even the first time I thought I was pregnant...I had taken a test two other times because my cycles always left me wondering due to birth control making them crazy was a few weeks after we got married. Haha. Yes, I'm a freak.  Both tests were negative).

When I saw the word pregnant on the test, my heart started racing...
Jason started crying and embraced me.
He was very excited to be a daddy!
Two hours later, I had to go to a birthday party for my niece. Then, that night we had a going away party for Jason's cousin.
His entire extended family was there.
So hard to keep our secret quite!
We had 3-4 different people ask us that night about having a baby. 
One person said we should get on it tonight.
Jason's grandpa gave me a hug and said I needed to get pregnant so he would have more to hug...even funnier is that our due date was his birthday!
Quite the day!
And now, a year later, we have our sweet Jack.
Love him more than I ever thought possible.

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Mrs Waytoburn said...

I think its so special you recall all those details about the day you found out Luke was on the way! So sweet :)