Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jack: 4 Months Old

Jack turned 4 months on Saturday!
Today we had his 4 month check-up...
We have one growing boy!
I thought last month was fun from 2-3 months!
But, we've definitely been having even more fun with him during this 3-4 month period.
I think it's just going to keep going that way as we see his personality come through more and more.
About a week after Jack turned 3 months, he started going through sleep regression.
He began to wake up after 2 hours or less of sleeping. 
The only thing that would calm him was if I nursed him.
I thought maybe he was teething because he had/has all the symptoms (waking up screaming, drooling like crazy, chewing/gnawing on everything, nasally, cough, etc).
Not sure if the teething really is happening...
But, we did start doing some hard core sleep training.
We've started putting him in his crib in his room (he had been in the pack n' play in our room...I definitely cried the first night he was out of our room. Why is it so hard having him 20 feet down the hall?!)
If he wakes up after being asleep for less than 3-4 hours, we make him cry himself back to sleep. I've told myself that I will only get up once in the middle of the night to get him/nurse him. Clearly the boy does not need to eat.
So far it's working.
Now we are going to start pushing for the whole night of sleep. He has done a few 5-6 hours stretches in the last week, but we got to get him in a habit of this. 
Our little guy is so close to rolling over. He can get all the way on his side, just can't get the rest of his body over.
He can sit on his own for a few seconds, as long as he has his hands to support himself.
He is talking like crazy and starting to laugh out loud a lot. Not just a coo laugh, but a real chuckle.
So cute!
Here are Jack's Facts for 4 months:
Weight: 16 lb 8 oz (50th-75th percentile)
Height: 26 in (75th-90th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17 in (50th-75th percentile)
Eating: 3 hrs. during the day
Sleeping: 3-4 hour chunks
Clothing Size: some 3 months, but mostly 3-6 month/6 month
Diaper Size: 2
Firsts: laughing out loud
Likes: standing up (with our support), chewing/gnawing on anything and everything!
Dislikes: tummy time (funny how this is what he used to love) 

And here is a 'Jack is not impressed' look to send you off!


Danielle said...

Do you guys have a white noise machine for him? Our white noise machine seems to do the trick to help Elden sleep through the night. Hang in there with sleep training--I know how much it sucks to listen to your little cry it out (ours is one of the 'doesn't-cry-himself-to-sleep-just-keeps-crying' types) but if it's working then that's great!

rebecca said...

@Danielle: We've been using a white noise machine since day I think he's just immune to it. Haha.