Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Goals

This is a week or so late...
But I normally don't do these kind of things.
However, this year I thought it would be good for me to write down a few goals for the year.
Our life is in a period of huge change right now.
And that makes me reflective.
And forward thinking.
I don't like change, but life is full of it, so I figured I'd better learn to deal with it.
And attempt to embrace it.
Which makes me think about goals...and things I want to change for the upcoming year.
Just a short list...don't want to overwhelm myself or anything :)
1. Intentional in my relationship with God
Having a baby has definitely hindered this. I've found that this has gone on the back-burner as I've started juggling life with a newborn...and then returning to work...but there are no excuses. So, this year I want to get back to that intentionality of being in the Word and having a stronger prayer life.
2. Date night with Jason 1-2 times/month
Obviously a major part of the huge change I was referring to above was having Jack. Anyone who has kids knows what a struggle it can be to find quality time with your spouse. Jason and I have not gone on one date since Jack was born. We just tow him along wherever we go, but when we do that, our focus is on Jack and not each other. Another huge change is that Jason started working part-time at our church (in addition to his full time job) and he started seminary this month. So, he is extra super even more reason why we need to make date night a priority.
3. Family day dates once a month
We've been able to do this a good amount of times since Jack was born, and I love it when the 3 of us are out together as a family. However, now with Jason in school (and his class is on Saturday mornings), it will be harder to find time for this, so we have both talked about the importance of keeping this as part of our life in the upcoming months.
4. Try two new dinner recipes a month and one new dessert/baking recipe
I got this idea from my sister Mel, and I for sure need to start doing this. We've definitely been eating the same foods recently...and pretty boring foods. Having a baby has taken away my desire to cook, plus, Jack needs the most attention in the evenings, so we've been eating things that are super easy to prepare. This usually means boring meals. I've been really into baking though (because I can do that at any time of the day...and just enjoy it more than cooking), so I want to keep trying new, yummy recipes there. I have so many things pinned on Pinterest...need to starting pinning less and cooking/baking more.
5. Check 3 things off my 30 before 30
I don't want to forget about this. I know 3 things is not much, but it seems ambitious considering the current nature of our lives. I haven't really thought about which 3 I want to try and do...but hopefully there are 3 that are reasonable to do amidst this season of change.
6. Blog more
I'm an awful blogger. No consistency. Boring. I just don't make it a priority. But, I love looking back on my previous posts and reading about our life and the things we did throughout the year. I was huge into journaling throughout high school and college for that exact same reason. I also process through writing, so I think it will be beneficial to blog about what are life looks like as we journey this next year. Plus, I'm realizing a blog can turn into a baby book for's a fun way to track things :)

Nothing too crazy...but I can't handle crazy right now. Just a few goals that I think will better me and our family. 
Happy 2013!

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