Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Goals: January Check-in

For the first time (ever?), I decided to write up some goals for the year. (Click here for full full 2013 goals post).
I thought it would be good accountability to do monthly 'check-ins' here to see how I am doing.
So, here we go...
Goal 1: Intentional in my relationship with God
Still not where I want to be/should be. I did make some strides...but I'm at like a once a week place with this. Definitely need to keep working at this.
Goal 2: Date night with Jason 1-2 times/month
We finally had our first date out together without Jack!
We went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and then walked around the outdoor shopping plaza near the restaurant. Great to have some one-on-one time...but still felt like we were missing our little man. I don't know why...since we both leave him while we are at work every day. I think we are just used to him being with us when we are out together. 
Goal 3: Family day dates once a month
We didn't do a formal day date this month...but we did lots over Christmas time, so I feel like we just got lots of quality family time in.
Goal 4: Try two new dinner recipes a month and one new dessert/baking recipe
I was the most successful here! (Maybe I need to spend less time in the kitchen and more time in my Bible!)
I made 3 new dinner recipes and 3 new baking recipes.
For dinner I made:

Trader Joe's Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken

Pioneer Woman's The Malboro Man Sandwich

Pioneer Woman's Meatloaf 

 My three baking recipes were all muffins (I have been really into muffins lately).

 Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Snickerdoodle Donut Muffins

Almond Poppyseed Muffins
(Sorry no picture...I made these twice and still couldn't get them how I wanted...I think they need more butter because they were too spongy both times)
Goal 5: Check 3 things off my 30 before 30
Nope...nothing new here.
Goal 6: Blog more
I'm still no pro-blogger, but I have made improvements.
I have 7 posts for January...which is only once/twice a week, but in all of 2012, I only had 14 I think I'm making some strides! Haha. 

We'll see how February goes!
By the way...How is it already February?!


Dana said...

Hi! I'm a first time poster on your blog...I follow Mel too : ). I just wanted to suggest something to you that may help with your number 1 goal: I found last January and this has helped me tremendously with my time with God. I can get up before the kids to do this or I can do it after they are in bed. I am really enjoying their Bible studies and I feel so much closer to God because of this. I don't actually register for the Bible studies...I do them on my own...but I still get so much out of the website and! Check it out...I hope it helps : ). Blessings!

Dana said...

So sorry! It's, not .com. : )

rebecca said...

Thanks so much Dana! Looking into this :)

Dana said...

You're welcome! Good luck with everything!