Saturday, January 5, 2013


And, I'm realizing it has all backfired.
When I started 3 years ago, I wrote, "I think it's easy to put boundaries around our life and to imagine that our life might (or should) look a certain way at a certain age or point in time. I know that for myself, I had certain expectations about what my life might look like when I was 30. True, I still have four more years until I turn 30 and a lot can happen in four years, but I don't want to live life holding onto an expectation."
And by certain expectations, I meant...get married, buy a house, and start a family.
Well, to my surprise, those things happened.
I was recently single when I came up with the idea of 30 before 30, but waited a few months to start. By that point, I had just started dating Jason. I still never would have thought my life would change so much in 3 years.
And that change....
Well, it has interfered with my '30 before 30'.
In the first year of my '30 before 30' I accomplished nine things on my list.
In the second year, the year I got married, I accomplished three things.
And, this past year, the year I bought a house and had a baby, I accomplished zero things. (I did buy a camera that I can learn photography with and I did eat at 2 new ethnic restaurants, but those are only partial completes).
So, my life has taken a whole new direction.
Just because my life's where it's at today doesn't mean I can't still do the things I strove to accomplish on my list.
However, some things aren't that realistic anymore...
My time is much more limited compared to when I was single, and I can't just go on fun adventures whenever I want.

Here is my list as it stands:
1. Austin (completed June 4-6, 2010)
2. Boston
3. Thanksgiving in New York
4. Greece
5. Canada
6. Cruise (completed January 2010)

California Tourism
7. Alcatraz
8. Wine tasting in Wine Country (completed January 9, 2010)
9. Monterey Bay Aquarium (completed April 7, 2010)
10. Hearst Castle (completed August 8, 2010)
11. Lighthouses of California (from San Francisco to Santa Barbara)
12. Skydive
13. Hike Half Dome (completed June 17, 2010)
14. Run a half marathon (completed October 3, 2010)
15. Triathlon
16. White Water Raft
17. Hot Air Balloon
18. Ski in another state
19. Read The Chronicles of Narnia ('Attempted' Summer 2011)
20. Memorize a chapter of the Bible
21. Take a Bible class
22. Sharks Game (completed November 20, 2010)
23. NBA Basketball Game (completed December 31, 2011)
24. Live orchestra/symphony
25. Circus
26. Eat 30 ethnic cuisines that I have never had before (Added 9 new countries in 2011 and 2 new in 2012)
Personal Development
27. Cooking/Baking Class (completed October 2011)
28. Learn to sew
29. Start a blog (completed January 1, 2010)
30. Learn Photography (bought the camera in 2012)

I turn 30 in 13 months and have a 3 month old.
Don't see a trip to Canada or Greece in that time period...and certainly not going to make it to both.
But, I'm okay realizing I'm not going to check every item off in the next 13 months.
Are these still things I want to do?
Are they things I'm still going to try and do?
Am I gong to do them all before I'm 30?
But I hope to do some in the next year.
And the rest...
They will just be the starting point to my '30 AFTER 30' list.
Gotta keep on to the fullest.

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