Saturday, March 9, 2013

10 Things About My Week

1. Jack started with a new daycare lady this week (my mom watches him 3 of the days, but we needed to find care for the other two). We loved the gal who watched him before, but she is moving. The new lady, who goes affectionately by Moo, is British. And, she is pretty awesome. And not just because of her accent. But, I am a little bit obsessed with her accent. It's so cool. She sent me about 7 pictures of him the first day and the caption was always along the lines of 'Hi Mum'. Love! I'm secretly hoping that Jack will talk with a British accent after being in her care. I know, highly unlikely. Anyway, I adore her. And she keeps a little journal each time Jack is there to record about the day. How amazing is her hand-writing?!
2. Moo couldn't watch Jack on Wednesday, which is when we needed her to start. So, I took the day off and got to play stay-at-home-mom with Jack. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
3. On my day off, I went to Ross. Jason works at their corporate office and 3 times a year they give associates a 40% discount. Honestly, I really don't like Ross because I'm not into that whole 'treasure hunt' experience. I just want to find what I need and get out. But, I do go 3 times a year because of this: 
For $78 I bought:
Two shirts and a dress (Calvin Klein...normally $100, I got for $18) for me, pj's for Jack, 3 Dr. Seuss books, a teething toy, a shower caddy, a plastic water tumbler cup (with a straw, of course), a Superman mug, 2 picture frames, a tube of sunscreen (yes, very random), and my favorite: this awesome truck for Jack's room (which is vintage vehicle themed).
4. Jack is starting to sit up much better on his own, which I am really excited about.
5. What I am not excited about is the crawling position he started to get himself into this week. Please, don't go mobile on me. I like a baby who stays in one place.

6. I bought a sling for Jack. I always thought they were for hippies. But the kid gets super fussy the last hour or two before he goes to bed. And he is huge. I'm too weak to hold him for that long. So, we're slinging it up. I bought the K'Tan. My friend has it and loves it. Plus, the reviews on it were great. It will arrive sometime next week.

7. A family from our church hooked us up with 4 huge boxes of clothes for Jack (12 month - 4T size). Pretty sure we are set for the next few years. And these people had pretty sweet style, too.
8. I am fighting my 3rd cold in 3 months...I never get sick. What is up?

9. We had a staff development day for work yesterday. They had a guest speaker come in the morning to talk about Culturally Relevant Learning. He talked about culturally relevant ways of getting our students' attention. My big take away: I say 'Holla' - you say 'Back.' Holla-...-Back. Trying it out on Monday. We'll see how it goes...

10. We're jumping on the bandwagon. Jason and I watched the first 2 episodes of Downton Abbey last night. I had tried to watch the first episode while on maternity leave after Jack was born. I got about 15 minutes into it and had to turn it off. Just couldn't get into it. I had just finished watching all the seasons of Parenthood, so I think I was comparing the two shows...and they are just so different. But, this time around I really liked Downton Abbey...can see why people are so obsessed with it. 

My week in a list. There you are!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new blog design!!!
That is Moo's writing?!?!? I thought it was typed out. Crazy.
Just finished episode 1....snooze. Pressing play on episode 2.
Your dress was super cute! Holla for $18 and I am also trying Holla Back on Monday. Can't wait.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

p.s. that truck is RAD.
p.p.s had to go back & look at moo's writing again. OBSESSED. British & cool handwriting? You scored.