Thursday, March 7, 2013


I feel like time has been escaping me/us (as a family) the past few weeks.
Like, I haven't had time to do a lot of things I need/want to do...(hence not blogging in over a week).
Where is the time going?!
I know life with one kid is 'easy'...
Or at least a lot easier than with multiple.
But, it's still an adjustment.
And there's a lot less 'me' and 'me and Jason' time.

And we've had a lot more to adjust to than just a new baby over the past few months.
In my 2013 Goals post I wrote about how Jason started working part time at our church (in addition to his full time job) in November (2 months after Jack was born).
We both agreed that this would be good because it gives Jason more experience in ministry, which is where he wants to go.
And, since I went to part-time teaching, this paycheck makes up the difference (plus more).
It also allows us to pay for seminary...which he started at the beginning of January (goes to class on Saturdays and does homework on the week nights that we don't have church activities).
So, needless to say, he is super busy...which means I'm also really busy because I've got the little man to watch when Jason's busy.
I'm also adjusting to working part-time...which is so, so nice...
But spending less time at work, means less time to grade, lesson plan, etc...which means bringing work home and trying to find time to do that when I'm tired and just want to go to bed. (Hence the projects that have been sitting in my bag for over 2 weeks now. Sigh)

At first I was trying to do a bunch of things when I got home from work while Jack was still clean, cook, bake, grade, read books for bible studies we're in, etc...
But it wasn't working too well.
I realized I just need to focus on Jack.

I really try to give Jack all my attention when he's up for 2 reasons:
1) I want to spend quality time with him since I don't get to see him the first half of the day, and he goes to bed between 6:30 and 7, so that really only means about 5 or so hours a day with him.
2) I find I get frustrated when I try to do something while he is up, but then get interrupted because he wants to be held or wants my attention (he is definitely becoming more aware of my presence). So I've found it's much more enjoyable to just give him all of my attention and do things after he goes to bed or when Jason gets home and can watch him for a little bit.

We are a few months into this huge life transition, and Jason and I are realizing that we also need to be much more intentional with our time as a couple and family.
Quality time has become huge for me over these past few months.
But, we've realized that we're often giving each other our 'leftovers'...
And we try to schedule things to do as a couple or family after we realize that we already have the month all booked up.
So, we've started sitting down with our calendars at the beginning of the month and blocking out days and nights that we will spend together.
This way the month doesn't go by, and we realize that we didn't get any time together (except for maybe going to Costco or Target).

Hoping that we begin to adjust better to all we have on our plate and make positive changes.
Life is only going to get crazier and busier in the future, so we better figure out a game plan while we have a chance.

In other news, I finally paid someone to spruce up my blog...loving the new look. 
Still have to find time to actually write in my tabs, though.

And, here's a little loving from our Jack...
 Hope to be back soon.

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