Saturday, March 30, 2013

2013 Goals: February & March Update

I figured it might be more interesting to do these every 2 months instead of every could get a little repetitive.
So, here's how I've been doing the past two months:

Goal 1: Intentional in my relationship with God
February: Still rough in this department.
March: Definitely better. 
Part of it had to do with having a week off for Spring Break, which allowed me to be much more intentional during Jack's morning nap. I crave routine and since his morning nap is so consistent, it allowed me to buckle down.

Goal 2: Date Night with Jason 1-2 times/month
 February: Jason and I went on three dates in February.
These included dinner for my birthday, a wedding for a college roommate of mine, and another dinner date to BJ's.
March: Not as great. 
We went on an afternoon date for coffee and shopping on St. Patty's Day. 
We then had one or two others on the calendar, but just weren't feeling like going out. So, we did stay at home dates...had dinner and either watched a movie or Downton Abbey. 
It's hard because Jack goes to bed so early, so if we want to go out, we have to have someone come to our place to watch him...which is harder than just dropping him off somewhere. Thankfully, we have a few different friends who said they would totally be up for hanging out at our place for an evening so we can go out.

Goal 3: Family day dates once a month
February: We went to Santa Cruz for our family day. It's just a little over an hour from where we leave, and while I've been to the beach many times, I had never been to the downtown. 
So, we had lunch and enjoyed exploring the shops. 

We were going to go down to the beach, but parking was a nightmare since it was a 70 degree day in February and everyone wanted to hit up the beach!
March: Our family outing was a trip to San Francisco. 
(One thing I love about where we live in CA is that we are a 40 minutes from the city, an hour or so to the beach, and 2-3 hours from the snow!) 
It was a gorgeous Spring day, and we enjoyed strolling along Pier 39, eating fish tacos, Ghiradelli ice cream, and doing some shopping.

Goal 4: Try two new dinner recipes a month and one new dessert/baking recipe
(Sorry, now pictures this time)
February: One new dinner recipe.
It was a maple honey mustard glazed chicken...pretty tasty.
March: I tried 3 new dinner recipes.
I made Pioneer Woman's white chicken enchiladas. They were a bit bland...I think the jalepanos and chiles that we used had no spice.
I also made her homemade mac n' Way too mustard-y. We threw the whole dish away. Sad.
Normally I'm all about PW, but this was a rough month with her.
So, I tried to make-up for her awful first mac n' cheese by making her fancy mac n' cheese for easter. Much better!
I also made these Southwestern Stuffed Shells via Pinterest. Pretty good.
I think I wore myself out baking in February because I didn't make anything in March.

Goal 5: Check 3 things off my 30 before 30

Goal 6: Blog more
I blogged eight times in February...which I think is a record for me. Haha.
For March, I will end with 7 posts. 

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