Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Jack is really into my iPhone and iPad.
Every time he sees it, he reaches for it and tries to grab it.
I think he likes all the colors and movement on the screen.
I've started calling him iBaby.

This is him the other day, playing on my iPad.
Just swiping away at the screen.
A few days later, we were playing in his room.
The iPad was on the floor, and he kept trying to play with it.
So, I moved it further away from him.
He then started to scoot towards it.
Note: he has not started crawling or scooting yet.
But, that iPad sure is motivation.

I propped up the iPad on his floor mat and took this video of him trying to get it.

I think it's pretty cute. 
This is the first time he had army crawled.

All fun and games until baby gets hurt...

Now he is doing it all the time...to any object he wants.
But, that good 'ol iPad was what started it all.

In other news, Jack is 6 months old today!
I'll be back tomorrow or Thursday with his 6 month post...waiting until his check-up tomorrow so we can get all his stats! 

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