Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why I Love Living in Northern CA

Seriously, living in Nor Cal is the best.
All you, Nor Cal'ers, don't you agree?!
And you others...I know you're jealous.
I love, love, love where I live.
We're in the Bay Area, and I think it's the best.

To San Francisco: 45 minutes

To Napa/Wine Country: 1 hour 
(photo credit for Napa pic: Melissa Larson)

To Santa Cruz Beach: 1 hour, 15 min.

To Carmel: 1 hour, 30 min.

To Lake Tahoe/snow: 3 hours

To Yosemite: 3 hours
I mean, awesome.
I love that we have access to so many fun places!

And, I think the weather is great.
I've been thinking about it a lot this week since it's been in the low 70's...
It's March, people. 

We get seasons...but they're mild.
Don't have to deal with living in the snow and all the annoyances that come with...if we want snow, just drive 2-3 hours for a little weekend get-a-way.
We do get Fall...not like the East Coast, but our leaves change and it feels like Fall.
Spring is hills, mustard everywhere.
And summer has it's hot days and we hit triple digits at times, but for the most part it's in the mid 80's to low 90's. And no humidity. Thank you!

I've lived here my whole life...born and raised.
Even went to college in CA.

I have no plans of leaving anytime soon.
Although, life could have other plans for me.

When we first started dating, Jason wanted out of CA.
He LOVES Texas. (He lived there for 9 months while in the Air Force).
I do not love Texas (sorry, Texans).
About 6 months into our relationship, I went to Texas (Austin) for the first time.
It was June.
I walked out of the airport and started gasping for air.
Couldn't breathe.
Hello humidity.
Call me a wimp, but I prefer to only be wet after I take a shower...not ALL day long!

Before we got married, I made it clear to Jason that Texas was not in 'my' plan...
Jason was up to moving other places, too...
A lot because CA is so dang expensive...
But great things come at high prices, right? :)

But recently, Jason has really come to a place where he is happy being where we are.
I think having a kid has contributed to that, since both our families are within 20 minutes of us.

We're both open to the reality of God having plans for us elsewhere, but for now, we love where we live!
California lovin'!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

YES....California Loving for SURE.
Although Colorado is a very, very close second. (It has snow! And, fall!!!)
If you guys ever leave the state I will never forgive you. The end :)

rebecca said...

Haha...laughing at your last comment. Hoping it doesn't happen.
CA>CO, but I agree that CO is pretty cool.SF is better than Denver. And no beach. Or wine country.